1. Tor Project: Provides the Tor browser for anonymous web browsing.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: A privacy-focused web browser with advanced security features.
  3. OpenVPN: An open-source VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution for secure connections.
  4. Wireshark: A network protocol analyzer for monitoring and analyzing network traffic.
  5. VeraCrypt: A disk encryption software for securing your data.
  6. Signal: An encrypted messaging and voice/video calling application.
  7. 1Password: A password manager that generates and stores strong passwords.
  8. LastPass: Another popular password manager that securely stores your passwords.
  9. VirtualBox: A virtualization platform for running virtual machines to enhance security and isolation.
  10. DNS Leak Test: A website that helps you test for DNS leaks to ensure your VPN is working properly.

Software to prevent your browser experience from being tracked (including browser extensions):
Adblock Plus
Privacy Badger

Secure chat programs: