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Sôritês paradoxon: Contextualism & borderline vagueness

The Möbius Band: A peculiar geometrical figure


Code for generating an interactive Möbius band in R (using OpenGL)

library(rgl) # (Murdoch, 2001)
library(plot3D) # (Soetaert, 2014)
# Define parameters
R <- 3
u <- seq(0, 2 * pi, length.out = 100)
v <- seq(-1, 1, 

Valid logical inferences, scientific integrity, ethics, and authenticity in the neoliberal academic climate

The correct adjustment of α-levels is a logical prerequisite for valid inferences and conclusions (that is, in the NHST framework). However, if stringent (appropriate) α-control techniques would be applied, many experiments would not reach statistical significance at the conventional α …

Preregistration of studies: A methodological stratagem to counter academic fraud

Preregistration is the practice of publishing the methodology of experiments before they begin. This strategy reduces problems stemming from publication bias and selective reporting of results. See for example:

A exemplary list of currently preregistered studies can …

NHST: P-hacking

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