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The Möbius Band: A peculiar geometrical figure


Code for generating an interactive Möbius band in R (using OpenGL)

library(rgl) # (Murdoch, 2001)
library(plot3D) # (Soetaert, 2014)
# Define parameters
R <- 3
u <- seq(0, 2 * pi, length.out = 100)
v <- seq(-1, 1, 

Psychology Meta Search Tool (v1.0.2)

Below you can find a custom-made “meta-search-tool” I programmed (coded in ActionScript2) which facilitates to effectively search the web for psychology and neuroscience related information.
You can freely download the program as a zipped executable:

Citation File Format (*.cff)

Citable Software (*.cff)

In order to make software easily citable, a “citation file format” *.CITATION.cff should be included in the root of the repository.

cff-version: 1.0.3
message: If you use this software, please cite it as below.
  - family-names: Germann
    given-names: Christopher, 

JASP – A fresh way to do statistics

JASP is a cross-platform software program primarily developed for Bayesian analyses. It currently utilizes more than 50 R packages and provides an intuitive & user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface). However, unfortunately the generated R code cannot be exported. This …

Bayesian parameter estimation supersedes t-test

The Bayesian inferential approach provides rich information about the estimated distribution of several parameters of interest, i.e., it provides the distribution of the estimates of μ and σ of both experimental conditions and the associated effect sizes. Specifically, the method …